Alresford Museum

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Alresford Displayed Issue No.13 - 1988


By Ursula Oxley

No Mardi Gras could be more gay
Than the ducks on Alresford Pond that day
Nor even the thrill of a Firework Display
Could outshine in glory the Fountains of Spray
Thrown up by those ducks
As they frolicked around
Beating the water and
Making it bound
In the air where t'was caught in the Sun's powerful ray!

All around lay the water, sparkling and bright Deflecting the low setting sun in its flight,
While it seemed as though streamers encircled each Sprite
As it splashed o'er the Pond in such dizzy delight
One up-tailing in style,
While another would preen,
Still another would take
A short rest on the Green, Still quacking. though hidden from sight!

I feel slightly tipsy - the Battle of Flowers
Is here represented by - the Battle of Showers!
The air is quite heady
The Pond is Champagne
The ducks are all drunk -
It's all part of the game – And it goes on for hours and hours!