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Alresford Displayed Issue No.22 - 1997


With regard to Jacklyns Lane a reader suggests that the name arose from Jackland or waste land and Lyn, a valley. Above the Nursery road junction the road enters a distinct cutting.

Covey Way After Susannah Covey, a local benefactress who made a bequest to Alresford's poor in l885
Culley View After Mrs Culley of Sun Hill House. Her house. the Rectory and Conways Farm were the only three dwellings in Sun Lane south of the railway bridge prior to the 1960's.
Dickenson Walk After Mr P Dickenson, a Winchester Rural District Councillor, who lived in Rosebery Road.
Ellingham Close After the well known grocer of long standing in West Street.
Haig Road After Earl Haig, C. in C. of the army in World War l Previously named Southampton Road.
Hasted Drive After the well known butcher in West Street for many years
Headley Close After the Reverend Headley, rector of Alresford from 1889 to 1915.
Hodgsons After Dootor Hodgson, who practised in Alresford in the late 19th and early 20th. centuries and was a prominent local artist.
Lindley Gardens After Sir Francis Lindley of the Weir House. retired Ambassador and local benefactor
Lovells Walk On old tithe map the site of Lovells' strip or farm.
Nicholson Place After Mr Nicholson, Member of Parliament for the Petersfield division, which then included Alresford.
Perins Close After Doctor Henry Perin, died 1697, whose bequest saw the founding of Perins Grammar School, 1698-1932.
Robertson Road After Canon I A Robertson, rector of Alresford 1925-1942 and author of the book History of Alresford.
Rosebery Road After Lord Rosebery, 1847-1929, Liberal Politician and Prime Minister 1894-1895
Salisbury Road After the Marquess of Salisbury, 1830-1903, Prime Minister 1885-1892 and l895-1902.
Searles Close After Geoffrey Searles, well known Alresford veterinary surgeon
Windsor Road The site of new housing development at the time of the Coronation of Queen Elisabeth 2nd