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Alresford Displayed Issue No.20 - 1995

No, 87 "ON" LICENCES, 1909


The Globe, The Soke, Alresford.
The Stag (latterly Evans' Butcher Shop) was the building behind the street light.

The Petty Sessions, the Court of Summary Jurisdiction now takes the form and title ; The Magistrates1 Court. It 1, the first step on the ladder of judicial investigation and handles every type of wrong- doing in the criminal and civil laws from capital to motoring offences. It then makes a decision either to deal with the alleged offence itself or pass it on to a higher court. It also deals with issue of public licences (as overleaf) and other matters of local importance.

In very general terms, each Magistrate is a Justice of the Peace appointed in the Counties by the Lord Lieutenant, He or she will. be very conversant with local affairs. The court may be made up at least two J.P.s (usually three, or in other situations a Metropolitan Police magistrate or a stipendiary magistrate (i.e. one appointed to sit alone as a full time justice).

Alresford affairs are nowadays dealt with in the City of Winchester Magistrates' Court.

The list overleaf shows the accommodation, facilities for horses and other details which permitted the named licensed premises to sell intoxicating liquor which had to be consumed ON the premises. "OFF" licenses, of course, permitted purchase" of drinks for consumption away from the premises - similar to today's arrangements. This 1909 list snows some inns which no longer exist and omits The Swan and The Bell. These two would have separate and more comprehensive licences in line with the enhanced status with what we now call hotels. Annual renewal of licences was required,

Alehouse or Beerhouse? (third column).

Ale and beer seem originally) to have beer synonyms, but after the introduction into England of "the wicked called hops" (c.1624) beer was commonly flavoured with hops,

(C) John Adams, October 1994